Founder’s Website Message Dated 10-04-2020

War against Corona (COVID-19)
Appeal for Funds by Central and State Govt.

Dear Clients,

I invite your kind attention to the fervent appeals made by our Prime Minister and Chief Minister seeking our generous contributions for their Corona Relief Funds.

All of us are very well aware about the entire aspect of Corona including the challenges faced by our country and the world as a whole.

Our detailed article on the subject is attached for your reference. Link is given below.

At times like this it becomes very essential for all of us to spare part of our resources to the needy others directly or indirectly reflecting our concern and compassion for them. Such sacrifices were done by our forefathers instantaneously during Freedom Movement on hearing the slogan of Vande Mataram. Let us also rise up to the occasion now following their examples. Just as a calamity caused by fire or flood, let us feel it is a calamity affecting each and every one of us.

As clients of our Organisation, I call upon each and every one of you to extend your maximum contribution to the Govt. of Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers Public Relief Fund (CMPRF) directly. You are also welcome to contribute to PM CARES Fund or both. Likewise contributions can also be made to other State Relief Funds also as per your choice. The links are given below. (For Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Fund) (FOR PM CARES FUND)

After making the remittance you can furnish us the details of your Name, ID No., Name of the bride/groom,Date of remittance, Amount, Name of the Fund etc. along with proof of payment to us by Email to or WhatsApp to 9884397620. We propose to project the details of donation in our website for the information of one & all so as to motivate others also to contribute for the noble cause.

On our part, we would like to inform that we have contributed a sum of Rs.50,000/- for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Fund & Rs.50,000/- towards PM’s Fund.

A Help in need is a Help indeed! The extent of satisfaction & happiness we derive in helping for a social cause like this can only be felt by experience.

There is no restriction on minimum contribution to the fund.

The donors are eligible for benefits under Income Tax Act also, as per rules which are available in the Government website.

As already informed, we continue to offer our services without any interruption by working at home.

Let us extend our sincere prayers to the God Almighty to save all of us from Corona Virus threat at the earliest and also ensure speedy settlement of marriages for one & all.

Please note to remit your donations directly to the Government Relief Fund and not to us.

Let us also ensure to safeguard ourselves by following social distancing and other precautions without fail.

With Kind Regards & Best Wishes

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